Portuguese Charcuterie

smoked with oak wood

since 1978

About us

“Mestre Henriques works on the authenticity of their products, using fresh pork, condiments wisely selected, embedded in natural casings and smoked in oak wood.”

Mestre Henriques is a family company established in 1978. Dedicated to the production of fine smoked sausages, manufactured according to the rich and authentic Portuguese traditions, strictly following the highest quality standards and satisfying the most demanding tastes.

We gladly reveal the trade secret behind the success of our products, which lies in the synergies of two fundamental factors for the production of premium quality smoked sausages:


Ensured by the inherited experience and skilled knowledge or nearly half a century working in the sausage industry.


Innovation and technical rigour – guaranteed by the resources and modern equipment available and managed by the other partners from the family, who are highly qualified in zootechnical engineering and business administration. 

It is indeed our sole commitment to reinforce “our country’s and our people’s tradition” in this branch of industry and to produce premium smoked sausages, able to overcome the consumers’ best expectations and meet market demands.